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Wizz 1 HP Water Pump

Wizz 1 HP Water Pump

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Wizz 1 HP Water Pump

Heavy duty electric motor, IP44
High efficiency pump
Bronze impeller
Carbon ceramic
Mechanical seal
Ensures high pressure & discharge capacity
Thermal overload protector
Metal shaft
Heavy duty bearing
Cast-iron pump body

Recommended for suction depth – water level –up to 6-12meters depth
Can pump water up to 9-15meters height
Good for pressure boosting pumps, car wash pumps and for all applications in which low flow rates have to be pumped at high pressure.
They are suitable for pumping uncontaminated liquids.

Installation guidelines
1. Make sure pump is near water source
2. Check suction depth and water level if within pump suction/discharge range.
3. Gallons per minute may vary depending on setup.
4. Install foot valve
5. Prime pump before running
6. Use correct pipe size. Make sure no leaks on pipe connections.
7. Check power voltage.

1 x Wizz WJSW/10M Water Pump 1 HP
1 x User Manual
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