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Raptor 475 Air DJI FPV Combo Hard Case (Waterproof / Dustproof Carry On Hard Case)

Raptor 475 Air DJI FPV Combo Hard Case (Waterproof / Dustproof Carry On Hard Case)

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Built to organize, protect, carry and survive tough conditions, the waterproof Raptor Hard Case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight tough resin shell and superior latching system.
The hard case accommodate pistols, riffles, cameras, lenses, drones, powertools, medical equiptment, fishing gear, among others. The case can be locked using the two integrated reinforced claw allowing you to store, secure, and transport your gear with confidence.
Lightweight, rugged and compact, Raptor Case adapts to every environment. This hard case is favored by outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen and sportswomen, photographers, videographers, drone pilots, military, hunters and shooting sports and fishing enthusiasts to protect their most valuable gear.
The Raptor Hard Case comes with a semi soft grip and ergonomic handle to make it easy to transport. It also features durable hardware and integrated handle stay to keep the handle out of harm when traveling or during shipping.



External Dim.(L*W*D):
Internal Dim(L*W*D):
Lid/Bottom Depth:40mm/142mm
Material: TSU-19 Resin
Weight: 3.66Kg
Waterproof IP 67

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