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Kawasaki Power Sprayer 1.5HP Densui Electric Motor

Kawasaki Power Sprayer 1.5HP Densui Electric Motor

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Kawasaki Power Sprayer Pressure Washer KC25A 

Head Specs



  • Model: KC-25A
  • Pressure: 800rpm Spraying,
  • 1200rpm Irrigation
  • Motor Power: 1-2HP
  • Engine Power: 3.5-4PS
  • Weight: 10Kg

  • Included in the package:
    - Kawasaki Sprayer Pump
    - 10 meters Sprayer Hose with Fittings
    - 2pcs Belt
    - Overflow / Return Hose
    - Suction Hose with Strainer
    - Gaskets, bolts and nuts
    - Pulley for Pump


    Engine Specs

    • Electric motor single phase capacitor start/capacitor run type for high starting torque; this is appropriate for all machinery, including compressors, woodworking equipment like saws, drills, lathes, and mills as well as ramps for automobiles.

    • 0.75 Kw, or 1 HP (4 Pole) (1720 rpm)

    • Current at full load is 6.91 Amps

    • 75 Frame (75mm from base of foot to center line of shaft)

    • Top-Notch Cast Aluminum Motor

    • The motor can be configured to rotate either way or, for frequent changes, it can be connected to a reversing switch.

    DENSUI Engine
    newly made windings
    1 horsepower is typical
    a 24 mm shaft
    Single phase, 220 volt, capacitor induction motor, 1740–1800 rpm
    all-purpose usage

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