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Igarta Enterprise

Igarta Angle Grinder Stand

Igarta Angle Grinder Stand

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For angle grinder size 115mm-125mm
Weight: 1.8kg
Material: Aluminumalloy
This support is an accessory for an angle grinder, which is used to convert the grinder to a cut-off saw.

Suitable for angle grinder with disc diameter 115mm or 125mm .
Metal Cutting at different angles
Solid construction
Integrated clamp
Material :Cast Iron
Suitable For :Angle Grinder (angle grinder blade not included)
Type:Stand For Angle Grinder

The 115/125mm Angle Grinder Stand enables you to sand and grind at perfect 115mm-125mm degree angles. With its Aluminum alloy material, this allows you to have a tool that will surely last a long time.
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