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Igarta Enterprise

Igarta 11.5 Chainsaw Grinder Attachment

Igarta 11.5 Chainsaw Grinder Attachment

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Compatible with Most 4" Angle Grinder
Turn your Angle Grinder into a Chainsaw
Easily attach to your Angle Grinder
11.5 inches
Can be connected to most Grinders 11.5inches chainsaw blade Grinder not included
Compatible with:

FKC Angle Grinder , JCK SP3113B, Bosch GWS 060, Makita M0910M, Makita 9553B, Makita 9556NB, Makita 9556HN, Dewalt DW810, Ken 9917B, DCA ASM05-100B, DCA ASM100A, Bosch GWS 6-100 S, DCA ASM09-100, DCA ASM10-100, Bosch GWS 750-100, GWS 900-100, Bosch GWS 900-100 S, Powerhouse PHB-6-100, Bosch GWS 8-100 CE, Skil 9133, Bosch GWS 7-100 T.


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