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CMR7H Spark plug for 4 stroke grass cutter

CMR7H Spark plug for 4 stroke grass cutter

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Sparkplug CMR7H

Used for: Brush Cutter Grass Cutter Knapsack Power Sprayer 4 Stroke

If you are looking for a reliable and high-performance spark plug for your grass cutter or small engine, look no further than the CMR7H Standard Spark Plug. This spark plug features a specially designed v-groove center electrode that improves ignitability and reduces quenching. It also has a 98% pure copper core that delivers increased heat dissipation and prevents overheating. The triple-gasket sealing process ensures a tight fit and prevents gas leakage. The CMR7H Standard Spark Plug is compatible with various models of grass cutters and small engines, such as Kawasaki, Fujihama, Honda and more. Order now and get 10 pieces of spark plugs for a great value. You will enjoy smoother starts, better fuel efficiency and longer engine life with the CMR7H Standard Spark Plug.

This is compatible with any 4-stroke brand that has the same model as GX35, KGX35, CG435, AK435, KD435, GY35
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