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Blackstone Generator Gasoline BS1800SQ 4 stroke

Blackstone Generator Gasoline BS1800SQ 4 stroke

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Blackstone Generator Gasoline BS1800SQ

Guaranteed Authentic and High Quality Item

Heavy Duty 100% Copper Winding

Digital AVR

Single Phase

4 Stroke, 4 HP Motor


Engine Model: 156F

Type: 4 Stroke OHV 1-cylinder gasoline forced air cooled

Max Power: 4HP @ 4000 RPM

Ignition System: Non-contact transistor Ignitions Start System: Manual, Recoil Starter

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.4 Liters

Fuel Consumption (liter per hour): 0.8 L

Duration of runs (hour): 5 hours

Engine oil capacity: 0.5 Liters

Noise in dB (7 meters away): 64 db

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 1.3 kVa

Max. power: 1.4 kVa


You will need Engine Oil (Gasoline) and Gasoline to operate this unit (NOT INCLUDED)

How To Start 1. Connect the positive (red) and negative (black) cable on the battery terminal (w/ electric starter only)

2. Fill engine oil tank with SAE10W-30 3.

Fill fuel tank with unleaded gasoline (91 octane or higher)

4. Turn "ON" fuel switch valve

5. Switch "ON" the engine choke ​(only if the engine is cold)

6. Pull the recoil starter or start with the electric starter

7. Switch "OFF" the engine choke


[Warranty] 7 Days Replacement Warranty for Factory Defect

1 Year Service Warranty (FREE SERVICE) To avoid problems with the unit, please consult operating manual.

Unit damage due to wrong operation or misuse will not be covered by warranty.

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