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Zaps Ultra Prime Gel for Cockroaches

Zaps Ultra Prime Gel for Cockroaches

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Zaps Ultra Prime Gel

Application: For preventive control of cockroaches
A.I.: Fipronil 0.031%
Appearance : Brown gel
Package: Syringe 35g

How to Use:
1. Put the right amount of gel in-between wall cracks, holes and furniture joints where cockroaches appear frequently.
2. Coat the bottom or rear of the refrigerator, sink, electrical distribution box, table, pipe joints, etc. where cockroaches usually hide.
3. It is better to use/put small amount of gel to different locations/places rather than using large amount of gel to few places. Replenish the bait once all is used up.
4. It is recommended not to remove the bait to prevent the reappearance of new cockroaches.

1. Use the product accordingly.
2. Do not touch or eat the product which is harmful to humans and animals. If swallowed, follow the doctor’s instructions .
3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
4. Do not use the product in places or areas where food is stored and avoid having direct contact with food.
5. Do not use this product in wet areas or where product might come in contact with water.

First Aid:
ON SKIN: wash thoroughly with soap and water
ON EYES: wash with running water and rinse with saline solution
IF SWALLOWED: have the patient drink two cups of water and insert a finger to the throat to induce vomiting. Do not attempt to induce vomiting nor give anything orally if the patient is unconscious. Consult a doctor immediately.

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